Like many churches, both local and across the nation, we have had a traditional Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve for many decades.  When it became necessary to replace the plastic candle holders, we couldn’t find a suitable product available from our usual church suppliers.
We approached a local business, Covington Plastic Molding, 10 S. Bolton St., New Oxford, which specializes in plastic injection molding. We met with Scott and James and gave them a description of what we envisioned. They provided us with a high-quality design that exceeded our expectations. Small hands and large hands alike find these candle holders easy to hold without slipping or tilting. The material is a strong clear plastic with a 3 3/8” handle and less taper, and it’s washable for multiple uses. Our new and improved version can be used with candles 1/2-inch in diameter (candles not available with order).                        
We are pleased to be able to offer these well-crafted candle holders to you at a cost of $1 each, which includes packaging and mailing. The minimum order is 100 holders, and additional quantities in lots of 50. For questions, email Maria Shea at or call the church office at 717-632-8281, Monday throuth Friday, 9 am-1 pm.
Submit the following information:
Your name
Church or organization
Complete address
Phone number
Quantity (multiples of 50)
A check made out to Emmanuel UCC

Please mail the information and check to Emmanuel UCC, 124 Broadway, Hanover PA 17331.

Order by November 1 for delivery before Christmas.


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